Ash Cove Pottery Makes Waves on Casco Bay

For the month of August, Maine Potters Market features coastal inspired pieces by Ash Cove Pottery: The Blue Wave series and Baby Boats by Gail Kass, and Susan Horowitz’s signature Double Dip Dinghies and Tide Clocks. Susan and Gail live on the shore of Casco Bay in Harpswell, a town with 216 miles of shoreline that will be dramatically affected by rising tides and climate change. Gail was compelled to create the Blue Waves to raise awareness of this imminent threat. A portion of Blue Wave sales will be donated to Friends of Casco Bay. Dinghies, Waves and Baby boats are fun and unique serving pieces that will remind you of Maine’s stunning coast all year long.

ABOUT SUSAN HOROWITZ-- Susan established Ash Cove Pottery in 1985. Along with the Double Dip Dinghy she makes well-designed pots to use and enjoy. Glazed in the colors of the sand and the sea, her sgraffito and brush work decorations are inspired by the patterns left in the sand when the tide recedes. 

GAIL KASS joined Susan at Ash Cove Pottery in 1988. Her current work is thrown and altered. The pieces are both visually unique and a pleasure to hold. Between them, Susan and Gail have been making pots for 99 years!